Show Notes for Technology and the Arts – Episode 67

Technology and the Arts – Episode 67 (10.04.2013) features lightly edited audio from a live Google+ Hangout On Air conducted September 30, 2013. This installment of the podcast features discussion of Robert Scoble’s “Age of Context,” the virtues of Google+ Hangouts compared to Adobe Connect and GoTo Meeting, the new Seaboard keyboard instrument from Roli, and the potential medical uses for Google Glass…and more! Plus, we talk with singer-songwriter Christian Beach, who performed one of his new songs for us. File size: 19.5 MB. Time: 1 hr., 19 min., 25 sec. Hosts: Brian Kelley and John LeMasney.

Here is a rundown of what we discussed on this episode…

Technology and the Arts 2.0: Series 2, Episode 8 – 09.30.2013

Technology and the Arts 2.0: Series 2, Ep. 8 – 09.30.2013

Here is a rundown of what we discussed on this episode…


Reminder: Next live webcast is tonight at 10 p.m. EDT

Singer-songwriter Christian Beach is scheduled to join us for tonight’s live webcast of Technology and the Arts at 10 p.m. EDT. Feel free to watch at or on the Technology and the Arts YouTube channel.

Former podcast guest Christian Beach to appear on tonight

Singer-songwriter Christian Beach, who was a guest of the Technology and the Arts podcast back in March 2007, will be appearing just after 6 p.m. ET tonight (10/21) on’s weekend-long “Banding Together” benefit webathon to raise awareness and funds to fight Spondylitis, a chronic inflammatory disease that causes pain in the back, neck and hips.

Plus, anyone who clicks on this link and makes a donation to the Spondylitis Association of America this weekend will receive a compilation CD that includes a lot of the great music played on BlowUpRadio this weekend, including the track “Platte Cove Road” from Christian’s upcoming EP.

So head on over to, listen to some great music from the state of New Jersey and try to make some kind of donation to this worthy cause.

Below, is a video of Christian performing his song “Taking It Real Slow” at Fergie’s Pub in Philadelphia in July 2009. That’s me (Brian) on accordion and the drummer is Michael Scotto of the band Agency. Incidentally, a solo set by Scotto can be heard during Banding Together at around 7:15 p.m. ET tonight.

Show Notes for Technology and the Arts Podcast #25

Barbara Mink, director and founder of the Light in Winter Festival in Ithaca, N.Y., discusses the annual event celebrating the synergies of science and the arts in this installment of the Technology and the Arts podcast. Other topics of discussion include year-end “top 10” lists, Christmas stories on, the RIAA’s unfair view of “fair use”, and social music site Hosts: Brian Kelley, John LeMasney. File size: 15 MB. Time: 30 min., 30 sec.

Featured Story:

  • Light in Winter FestivalBarbara Mink, director and founder of the Light in Winter Festival in Ithaca, N.Y., talks about this annual event celebrating the synergies of science and the arts. This year’s event takes place January 18-20, 2008. Watch the promotional video at the bottom of this post.

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  • John and Brian reflect on one year of producing the Technology and the Arts podcast.
  • Changes are coming for because…
  • …John is moving entirely off Windows at home and going all Linux!
  • Brian and John once again thank Pandora, the Urban Saloon in Philadelphia and Bud Select for a great time out on Dec. 5.
  • John talks about a recent presentation by DJ Sakuramboo at a recent Linux Users Group in Princeton (LUG/IP) meeting in which he turned a terminatorx/aldrin demonstration into a 40-minute performance. Check out David A. Harding’s blog post featuring a description and photos of the event.
  • John Time Magazine’s list of “50 Top 10 Lists.”
  • Since we’re in the season, try to listen to some Christmas stories on
  • John searches the Internet for new pizza dough recipes, like this one…and this one.
  • Brian takes one more shot at the Recording Industry Association of America — the RIAA, for short — in 2007, as it continues to insist that ripping a CD that you legally purchased onto your computer as a backup or to put on your MP3 player is the same as stealing music.
  • And since we are in the final days of the holiday season, check out Ars Technica’s holiday hardware guide.
  • If you are a creative person and need better time management skills, check out a free ebook called “Time Management for Creative People.”
  • Social music site has already made it big on Facebook. Now, it plans on dominating the music scene across the entire social networking universe.
  • Check out the Technology and the Arts Events page.
  • Also, just to be clear, at the end of this podcast, I say that our next show will be Wednesday, January 9, 2007…obviously, I meant to say 2008. Sorry about that.

Promotional video for Light in Winter…