Technology and the Arts 2.0: Series 2, Episode 7 – 09.23.2013

Technology and the Arts 2.0: Series 2, Ep. 7 – 09.23.2013

Here is a rundown of things discussed in this installment of Technology and the Arts…

John talked about:

Brian talked about:

Together, they discussed:

  • Top technologies libraries should know and use
  • “Breaking Bad” creator Vince Gilligan’s post-Emmy praise for Netflix
  • The perils of relying on any one online mapping or GPS app.
  • New Jersey Internet radio:
    • Altrok – keeping alive the legacy of the long-gone WHTG 106.3 FM, Modern Rock at the Jersey Shore
    • BlowUp Radio – an online radio station that hosts, Banding Together, an annual “webathon” featuring local music artists designed to combat spondylitis.
    • The Penguin Rocks

Reminder: Next live webcast is tonight at 10 p.m. EDT

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