Show Notes for Technology and the Arts – Episode 53

Technology and the Arts – Episode 53 (10.26.2012) features lightly edited audio from a live Google+ Hangouts On Air session conducted by hosts Brian Kelley and John LeMasney on Sept. 17, 2012. Highlights include Brian’s discussion about the reunited Ben Folds Five and their video for “Do It Anyway” with the Fraggles from “Fraggle Rock”, and John’s talk about Molly Ringwald’s recent visit to Princeton Public Library in central New Jersey and a local ArtsTechNJ initiative affiliated with Artworks Trenton. Also, John provides a mini tutorial on Inkscape. File size: 13.4 MB. Time: 54 min., 40 sec. Hosts: Brian Kelley and John LeMasney.

Topics of Discussion:

Here is the complete, archived webcast…

Technology and the Arts 2.0 – Series 1, Ep. 4 (09.17.2012)