In perspective: “Time Takes Over”

Note: John and I are going to try to post one of our creative works along with a brief commentary on the story behind the piece and how technology played a role in its creation, production or inspiration. We will then discuss the posts more in depth during a segment on the next webcast.

“Time Takes Over” by Brian Kelley

I consider this the first complete song I ever wrote. For a long time, I thought this was written in October 1988 based on a date written on a cassette tape that included a rough recording of it. However, I’ve recently determined it was more likely written in October 1989.

I worked at a restaurant at the time and one of my co-workers, who was kind of a simpleton, had been involved with a girl who worked with us the previous summer (this girl was also a sister of one of my high school classmates). But one slow night at the restaurant, my co-worker talked at length about how he went to visit the girl at college and was disappointed to find that she wanted the summer fling to evolve into just a friendship. Again, this guy wasn’t exactly the emotional type, but he seemed genuinely hurt by this.

The next day, I started writing the lyrics to “Time Takes Over” based on the conversation.

This version of the song was recorded with GarageBand on my MacBook in 2012, and I’ll probably revisit from time to time for the rest of my life. I honestly feel like it’s a pretty good song, especially considering it was written by an 18-year old with minimal musical ability.

Below, you can watch a live version of “Time Takes Over” performed with TMC+The New Generation at the long-gone Green Parrot Rock Club in Neptune, N.J., back around 1989/90. And, yes, I had a really bad cold on this particular night and was struggling with my vocals—even more than usual. Also, at around the 3:44/3:45 mark, you can see me pointing my head away from the microphone to sneeze.