Fox Elipsus…the Technology and the Arts Interview

Hey, folks…remember when we ended the podcast back in December, we said that we wouldn’t abandon this place entirely? Well, we meant that.

Case in point, above this text is a video interview I did with singer-songwriter Fox Elipsus. Those of you on MySpace and Facebook have probably received a friend request from him at some point…but that’s because social networking sites are his primary way of reaching his fans. Fox records his CDs at his home studio, promotes his music through MySpace and Facebook, and is currently on an extensive tour of bookstores and cafes in the United States in support of his latest double CD, “Momentum.”

So…enjoy the interview…and be on the lookout for an audio-only version on the ol’ blog and podcast feed…coming soon!

Oh, and I want to make a special mention about Bill…one of Fox’s fans who has given him a place to stay the past few days while in the NJ/PA area. Bill also has very good taste in music…anybody who thinks highly of Francis Dunnery, Midge Ure and Roland Orzabal has my utmost respect.

– BK