La fin est proche*

To All of Our Listeners/Readers:

If you listened to our last podcast or recently checked the 2008 schedule in the Media section of this blog, then you already know what this post is going to say. But please continue to read along.

A few months ago, John and I connected via Skype to record an installment of the podcast. Before we started recording the episode, we had a conversation about the future of the project.

At the time, John and his wife were about a month away from having their second child and Brian was super-busy with work and his musical activities with his friend, Christian Beach. As you may have noticed from the usual sound quality of our podcasts, we really do not have the luxury of being real meticulous when it comes to editing and refining our MP3 files. Still, when you factor in time for recording, editing, converting files, transferring files to the hosting site, and writing the blog posts, it comes out to at least five hours worth of work…five hours that are usually very hard to come by during a typical week for either of us.

We were falling prey to the most powerful enemy known to the casual blogger/podcaster – everyday life.

Anyway, during this conversation, we set an end date for the “Technology and the Arts” podcast. However, we also decided that we would keep the blog going and would – when time allowed for it – post the occasional podcast. But these podcasts wouldn’t necessarily be “Technology and the Arts” podcasts…they would be random thoughts on technology and the arts that we would post individually (one of John’s presentations, for instance) or collaboratively (perhaps at Trenton Computer Festival).

While trying to figure out a reasonable end date, we decided to push ahead to the end of 2008, which would put as the two-year mark for the podcast. If you were with us from the beginning, you would know that our first podcast was posted December 13, 2006. As it turns out, our last regularly scheduled podcast for 2008 falls on December 24, 2008 – Christmas Eve.

So that settled it for us. Hence, the last regular “Technology and the Arts” podcast will be posted December 24, 2008. A final gift to our loyal listeners.

We will still stop by and write a blog post or put up a podcast every now and then, but we’ll be taking some time off to focus on everyday life.

Who knows? We may decide to revive “Technology and the Arts” at some point…or we may go in another direction with another online venture.

No matter what happens, we have had a lot of fun doing these podcasts and greatly appreciate the opportunity it gave us to meet — physically and virtually — so many interesting people along the way.

Thank you for your support and your continued listening. Please stay tuned until our finale on December 24th. We hope to make it a very special episode.


Brian Kelley & John LeMasney,
Technology and the Arts

* according to Google’s translation tool, “La fin est proche” means “The end is near” in French. Hopefully, our French-speaking listeners can send a note to correct us if that is wrong.