Recording night [at] Triumph Brew Pub in Princeton

John and I recorded the Feb. 6 podcast tonight (Friday, 2/1/08) at Triumph Brew Pub in Princeton, NJ.

Let’s just say it’s a good thing we got the recording finished earlier tonight. Actually, I’m not too sure the end of the podcast has anything to do with technology and/or art.

I’m going to be doing some heavy editing on this one.

UPDATE (2/4/08)…By the way, after we finished recording Friday night, a band called The WMDs took the stage and were pretty good. Check ’em out.

– Brian

UPDATE (2/6/08) … By the way, Brian always does heavy editing on the podcast, whether we’re at Triumph or anywhere else. How about a round of applause for Brian?

– John

2 thoughts on “Recording night [at] Triumph Brew Pub in Princeton

  1. Brian and I really enjoyed the WMDs and I particularly liked the idea that the drummer was missing a kit, but still hitting all the night beats. He was essentially sitting on an amplified wooden box, and he made it sound like Ginger Baker on a Jazz kit.

    Great stuff, Triumph, and nice job WMDs. The crowd was a lot of fun too.

    BTW, their Bengal IPA is still the best brew in the sampler, IMHO, though the Winter Wonder is nice, if a bit high in ABV. If you like the hops, indulge directly in the Bengal and bypass the short sampler tumblers.


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