T+A Special: A Night with Pandora in Philly

T+A Special: A Night with Pandora in Philly

Brian Kelley and John LeMasney, hosts of the Technology and the Arts podcast, attended a Pandora get-together at the Urban Saloon in Philadelphia on Dec. 5, 2007, and had a chance to interview some of those in attendance, including: John S. James, an editor of an AIDS newsletter and a computer programmer who has an idea that may impact the online music industry; Chris McGrew, drummer for the band Griddle; and Kevin Seal, host of the “Pandora Presents” podcast and also a member of Griddle. File size: 21 MB. Time: 43 min., 55 sec.

John and I would like to thank “the other” John, Chris and Kevin for taking the time to join us for interviews. We would also like to thank the Urban Saloon, Bud Select and, especially, Pandora for a really great time.

Stay tuned for our final regular podcast of 2007 on Dec. 19!

– Brian