Show Notes for Technology and the Arts Podcast #12

Janie Hermann and Evan Klimpl of the Princeton (N.J.) Public Library’s Poetry Podcast are interviewed, continuing a conversation from the May 16 podcast. Other topics of discussion include the Microsoft Milan Surface Computer, Pandora’s leap from the PC and the latest on webcasting royalty rates. Hosts: Brian Kelley, John LeMasney. File size: 9.6 MB. Time: 20 min., 51 sec.

Featured Link

  • PPL Poetry Podcast – After hearing from this podcast’s guests, Janie Hermann and Evan Klimpl, visit the Princeton Public Library’s Poetry Podcast site to hear great poetry and the results of their hard work.

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This week’s closing music note: John and I “jammed” a bit before recording this podcast and recorded a not-quite-polished, acoustic version of the theme song. We’ll continue to work on it, and maybe we’ll come up with some new material at some point.