A thank you to our subscribers

Just wanted to post something to show appreciation for our growing base of subscribers to the Technology and the Arts podcast.

Looking at our stats on FeedBurner.com today, it appears we have reached a milestone…a modest one…but a milestone nonetheless.

The number of subscribers to our podcast has been in double digits every day from Sunday, Feb. 18, through Monday, Feb. 26. That is nine consecutive days! Included in that streak is a single-day high of 21 subscribers on Wednesday, Feb. 21.

Again, these are very modest numbers, but every podcast has to start somewhere and we would like to thank all of you out there who have listened to us tell you about the fascinating connections between technology and art. And, hopefully, when we do become a hugely listened-to podcast, we can thank you again for being there when we were first getting started and helping us get to that point.

So tell your friends about us and let’s try to keep that streak of double-digit subscribers going. Assuming most of our listeners and subscribers are artists or work in the creative arts, it’s a good bet you all know other people who might be interested in “Technology and the Arts.” Help us spread the word!

Once again…thank you.

1 thought on “A thank you to our subscribers

  1. I just wanted to add my own personal thank you to our audience as well. It’s been great to work on these podcasts, because they’re fun, a great exercise in working with the extended toolset of digital publishing, and a great way to do personally gratifying work with a friend, but what makes it even better is to know someone’s listening. Thanks, and we’re looking forward to recording our next show very soon.


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