Planting seeds in the “Sound Garden”

Posted by: Brian

As I mentioned in post a few days ago, Indiana University and the city of Bloomington, Ind., are currently celebrating ArtsWeek 2007, with the theme being “technology and the arts.

The Sound Garden is one of the components of ArtsWeek, but you don’t have to be in Bloomington to experience it…or even participate in it.

About Sound Garden
Sound Garden is the second work in a series of musical installations that explore the relationship of people, location, and audio relative to technology. In this context, people include those who use, visit, listen to, and tend the garden. Location means both physical and virtual spaces, and audio refers to manifestations of sound, silence, noise, and music. The technology explored in this project specifically includes interactive, telematic systems, digital signal processing (for audio), quadraphonic amplification, environmental sensors, and artificial life (A-Life) systems.

How Sound Garden works
Sound material is to be provided by all who visit, whether online or at the actual site. Help cultivate the garden with your own short recordings, samples, soundscapes, and found sonic objects.

Use the Browse button in the web interface to “plant” MP3 files you would like to hear, or “prune” the garden and uproot files with the Remove button. Sound files must be fixed bit-rate MP3s. No WAV or AIFF, no VBR MP3, and no AAC or .m4a from iTunes.

Visit and/or tend to the Sound Garden.

Look/listen for my contribution to the Garden…Trancin.mp3. It’s a techno-style song I recorded shortly after I first installed GarageBand on my old PowerBook a couple of years ago. It might possibly wind up as background music to the upcoming events calendar to be read during the Technology and the Arts podcasts. Aside from that, however, I have no plans for that song so I figured it would make a nice addition to the Sound Garden.