Two (and a half) more days to catch “Networked Nature” in NYC

Posted by: Brian

See, the following exhibit and the event I just posted that is taking place Monday at Alfred University’s School of Art & Design are the types of things we here at Technology and the Arts need to find out about sooner so we can include them on the Events calendar we hope to have just set up. Please…if you hear about events like these, try to remember to drop us a line so we can share that information with our audience. Thanks!


by Ben Davis

“Networked Nature,” Jan. 11-Feb. 18, 2007, at Foxy Productions, 617 W. 27th St., New York, N.Y. 10001

There’s actually not that much that is networked about the artworks by six art teams and artists in Foxy Production’s “Networked Nature” show. Instead, the exhibition is an essay in an increasingly popular style: the estheticized science project.

What the imprecise title does do is gesture towards a theme — artworks that tackle the murky border between technology and nature, a hot-button issue in these days of anxiety about man-made environmental disaster. Sponsored in part by the College Art Association and scheduled to coincide with the yearly talk-fest’s roll through town, this spare, focused show is custom-built to lend itself to weighty pontificating. What’s interesting, however, is not so much what it all says about science as what it says about the internal contradictions of this breed of experimental art itself (curator Marisa Olson works for, the influential web art advocates, and thus particularly, ahem, plugged in).

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