Technology and the Arts’ first press clipping!

Posted by: Brian

Thanks to our good friend Alan Goldsmith from the Montgomery Center for the Arts in Skillman, N.J., “Technology and the Arts” received a mention in the January 24 issue of U.S. 1 weekly newspaper.

U.S. 1 did a story on Alan’s workshop at the MCA, which–thanks to Alan–mentions our blog.

How Do You Look at a Painting

`Science as Muse: Eight Artistic Riffs on Science and Technology,” on view at the Montgomery Center for the Arts through Sunday, February 4, boasts two unusual elements. The exhibit not only brings together New Jersey and New York artists who have been heavily influenced by scientific knowledge and innovation throughout their careers, but is also serving as a laboratory to explore new ways of experiencing art. Printed instructions encourage visitors to try self-directed, unobtrusive, centering, and sensory awareness exercises (some work specific and others not) designed to offer a fuller, deeper connection with the works on display.

According to a press statement, “the idea – drawn from the arts, psychology, and contemplative practices – is to drop habitual ways of seeing and see things afresh: as viewers bring more of themselves to the art, more of the art is revealed. A feedback loop is created that evokes further discovery and appreciation.”

On Saturday, January 27, Alan Goldsmith, one of the featured artists, will present a workshop on these “new ways of experiencing art,” and visitors on any day can take advantage of the suggestions in a print-out provided at the gallery…

And then a few paragraphs later…

…The gallery also recommends a new blog devoted to technology and the arts,, which features podcast interviews with four of the participating artists, Sally Davidson, Alan Goldsmith, Susan Kaprov. and Patricia Lay.

Thank you, Alan…again.