A message to our listeners and readers

If you had been to our iTunes Store podcast page in the past week or so, you would have noticed our first podcast (Dec. 13, 2006) was no longer available there.

Well, that’s because the FeedBurner feed we were using for the content of the entire blog became too large and that post had been dropped from the feed.

However, as of late last night, that is no longer the case. The FeedBurner feed (http://feeds.feedburner.com/techarts) is now just a feed to our podcast posts. So if you use that feed just to subscribe to our podcast, you should be fine and not need to make any adjustments.

But if you had used that feed to read our entire blog, you may want to update your settings so that you use the feed generated by WordPress itself at https://techarts.wordpress.com/feed.

In another effort to decrease the size of our podcast feed, each podcast post has been split in two. One post contains the link to the MP3 file along with bare bones information about that particular podcast; the other–the “show notes” post–contains more detailed information, images and other links.

Also, if you are just looking for the posts with the podcasts, just click on the link for “podcast” under the Categories menu to your right. The “podcast” tag is only used on posts containing the “Technology and the Arts” podcast. Any post that talks about other podcasts or podcasting in general will include the “podcasting” tag.

Thank you for your understanding…and please continue to enjoy Technology and the Arts.

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