Wired News: Make Beautiful Brain Music

This wired article discusses what might happen if PLOrk decided to give up the keyboard interface with their laptops, and plug directly in!

Wired News: Make Beautiful Brain Music
Move over, woodwind and strings — in the future, the ultimate musical instrument could be the human brain.

Artist Luciana Haill uses medical electroencephalogram, or EEG, monitors embedded in a Bluetooth-enabled sweatband to record the activity of her frontal lobes, then beams the data to a computer that plays it back as song.

Now Haill is taking her gig on the road, joining 30 experimental artists this week to showcase creative and wacky new audio technologies on the Future of Sound tour of England. Audience members will be asked to don the electrodes so they can jointly think up a harmony.

“The brain operates in the same units sound waves are measured in — hertz,” said Haill. “You’re getting raw data from the prefrontal cortex but feeding it through software — a little bit from the left hemisphere and a little bit from the right.”