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Decoder Ring TheatrePosted by: Brian

If you are a fan of old time radio shows like I am, I strongly encourage you to check out Decoder Ring Theatre.

The Toronto-based Decoder Ring Theatre is the brainchild of Gregg Taylor and offers two different programs, “The Red Panda Adventures” and “Black Jack Justice.”

“The Red Panda Adventures,” inspired by the likes of The Shadow, The Green Hornet and The Batman, chronicles the exploits of The Red Panda, “Canada’s greatest superhero,” and his female sidekick, The Flying Squirrel, as they fight crime in 1930s Toronto.

Meanwhile, “Black Jack Justice” features the hard-boiled detective duo of Jack Justice and Trixie Dixon in a show that harkens back to the old-time radio adventures of gumshoes Sam Spade and Philip Marlowe.

These are well-written, well-acted shows and you should really give them a try.

We’ll be discussing Decoder Ring Theatre in the next “Technology and the Arts” podcast, which will also include a 5 1/2-minute excerpt from an episode of “The Red Panda Adventures.”

Plus, Gregg Taylor will be a guest on our podcast in a few weeks, and I am greatly looking forward to that.

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  1. I know that I’m new and bit late commenting on this post, but I became totally enamored of “Black Jack Justice” last fall when I happened to download it from ITunes. I was new to “Old Time Radio” podcasts but quickly became a big fan. Sam Spade, Richard Diamond, Rocky Fortune, Nero Wolfe. But then came Decoder Ring Theater with Black Jack Justice and his partner, Trixie Dixon! UNBELIEVABLE! The writing is outstanding, as is the acting and story lines. Like a junkie, I hated when I went quickly through the first season in one sitting, ending up “jonesin'” for more. I had to “break my addiction” when I found out that it would be several months before any more episodes would be available. Once I got “clean”, I stayed away until today, April 27, 2008, almost 6 months. Now I’m addicted again, but trying to go through the episodes, one day at a time. I don’t know how it’s going to work so everybody pray for me. And beg Decoder Ring to keep up the good work. I haven’t tried “Red Panda Adventures” yet (Black Jack Justice is my “drug of choice) but I may have to just be totally abusive. You will love Jack. Trixie is even better as a street-smart “lady dick” who knows how to work with her brains first and her bod second. You go, Girl!

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