ICA: Programs and Events

The Institute of Contemporary Art at University of Pennsylvania has an upcoming show that caught my eye.  Thought you might enjoy it!

ICA: Programs and Events
Performance: Armleder and Marclay
fri dec 1 @ 7pm

ICA presents a rare and experimental performance by frequent collaborators, John Armleder and Christian Marclay, both known for blending different artistic disciplines. John Armleder, equally recognized for his painting, drawing and sculpture, comes out of the Fluxus movement with its emphasis on performance and collaboration. Christian Marclay is a visual artist and composer whose work explores the juxtaposition between sound, photography, video and film. Taking their cue from the holiday season and their mutual obsessions with Christmas music, both will combine blatant sentimentality with vangourd experimentation for a holiday experience like none other that you’ve heard before.

A Spiegel Fund Event